The Women’s Revolution Championship

The Women’s Revolution Championship is the official fictional women’s title of The NXT Revolution.

The Championship was awarded to the winner of the first WWE NXT women’s match (that did not feature the NXT Women’s Champion) to take place after the NXT Revolution was founded. On August 28 2014, Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to become the inaugural Women’s Revolution Champion.

ember moon debut

The reigning Women’s Revolution Champion is Ember Moon. She defeated Aliyah on February 1 2017 to win the title. This is her first reign. Ember must defend the title by July 3 2017.


Women’s Revolution Championship History

#12 Ember Moon (February 1 2017 – )

Ember Moon pinned Aliyah after The Eclipse to win the title.

4 defenses, held for 113+ days


#11 Aliyah (October 26 2016 – February 1 2017)

Aliyah rolled up Billie Kay to win the title for the first time.

2 defenses, held for 98 days


#10 Billie Kay (September 21 2016 – October 26 2016)

Billie Kay pinned Aliyah after a big boot to win the vacant title.

1 defense, held for 35 days


#9 Bayley (July 20 2016 – September 20 2016)

Bayley pinned Nia Jax after a Super Bayley-to-Belly to win the title for a second time. Bayley was called up to Raw in August and became too fancy and big-time to defend her Revolution Championship and she was stripped for going two months without a title defense.

0 defenses, held for 62 days


#8 Nia Jax (May 25 2016 – July 20 2016)

Nia Jax dropped the big leg on Carmella and pinned her in a triple threat to win the title for the first time.

1 defense, held for 56 days


#7 Carmella (April 27 2016 – May 25 2016)

Carmella made Aliyah submit to the Code of Silence to win the vacant title and become a two-time champion.

1 defense, held for 28 days


#6 Eva Marie (February 24 2016 – April 24 2016)

Eva Marie pinned Carmella in a tag match to become the first ever two-time Women’s Revolution Champion. Eva was stripped of the title for a second time for violating the Two Month Rule.

0 defenses, held for 60 days


#5 Carmella (January 13 2016 – February 24 2016)

Carmella won a Battle Royal to win the vacant title.

2 defenses, held for 42 days


#4 Eva Marie (August 26 2015 – January 4 2016)

Eva Marie pinned Carmella after a Sliced Red to win the vacant title. The title was vacated when Eva violated the Two Month Rule on January 4 2016.

3 defenses, held for 131 days


#3 Becky Lynch (February 25 2015 – August 10 2015)

Becky Lynch made Bayley submit to the Disarmer to win the vacant title. She was the longest reigning Women’s Revolution Champion but was stripped on August 10 2015 for violating the Two Month Rule.

3 defenses, held for 166 days


#2 Sasha Banks (October 23 2014 – February 11 2015)

Sasha Banks made Bayley submit to the Bank Statement to win the title. Sasha won the NXT Women’s Championship on February 11 2015 and was subsequently stripped of the Women’s Revolution Championship in accordance with the Paige Rule.

5 defenses, held for 111 days


#1 Bayley (August 28 2014 – October 23 2014)

Bayley pinned Sasha Banks after a Bayley-to-Belly to become the inaugural Women’s Revolution Champion.

1 defense, held for 56 days



Women’s Revolution Championship Rules

  • The title must be won like any other: by pinfall, submission, referee stoppage, knockout, or gimmick match stipulation.
  • The title can be held by any female wrestler who competes in NXT, but it can not be held by the NXT Women’s Champion. Should the Women’s Revolution Champion win another title, they will automatically be stripped of the Revolution Championship. This will be known as the Paige Rule.
  • The title can only be defended on NXT TV, this includes Takeover events.
  • The Champion defends the title in every match they compete in, except when facing the NXT Women’s Champion or a main roster Women’s Champion. The title is defended in tag team matches, though the champion will only lose the title if they are the one to take the fall, otherwise the match will count as a valid title defense.
  • The title must be defended at least once every two months. If this does not happen, the champion will be automatically stripped. This will be known as the Two Month Rule.
  • If the title is vacated, the new champion will be decided by the next NXT women’s match provided it does not feature the previous champion or the NXT Women’s Champion.

Up to date as of May 25 2017. All dates refer to the day on which the episode was initially broadcast on.