NXT Tag Team Championship History

Here are the duos that have held the NXT Tag Team Championships, with all the details of their reigns.

british ambition

1. British Ambition (Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey) (February 13 2013 – May 8 2013)

In the tournament to crown the inaugural NXT Tag Team Champions, Newcastle’s Adrian Neville and Southampton’s Oliver Grey joined forces to form British Ambition. They defeated 3MB’s Drew Mcintyre & Heath Slater and the team of Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger to advance to the final. They ran into Luke Harper & Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family but Neville landed The Red Arrow on Harper to upset the odds.

Their reign was sadly cut short when Grey suffered a torn ACL and was ruled out for months. Bo Dallas filled in as a placeholder champion in Grey’s absence. Grey eventually recovered from his injury, but was released from NXT in April 2014.

TV Defenses: N/A

wyatts champs

2. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) (May 8 2013 – July 17 2013)

Despite falling short in their bid to become the first-ever NXT Tag Team Champions, the Wyatts stayed in the title picture and got their chance when Oliver Grey was injured. Bo Dallas took Grey’s place in the title match but him and Adrian Neville were no match for the Bray Wyatt-led cultists this time.

The Wyatts were called up to the main roster later in 2013. They put on the 2014 match of the year in an all-out war with The Shield at Elimination Chamber but went their separate ways later that year. Harper went on to become Intercontinental Champion. They’ve since reunited and split multiple times. It’s been a mess, let’s be honest.

TV Defenses: v. Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves (June 5 2013).

neville & graves

3. Adrian Neville & Corey Graves (July 17 2013 – October 2 2013)

When Corey Graves’ tag partner, Kassius Ohno, was ruled out with injury, he formed an uneasy alliance with Adrian Neville, who had unfinished business with the Wyatts. With Bray Wyatt running interference, victory seemed out of grasp for the unlikely duo but the score was evened when Sheamus charged down the ramp to take out Wyatt. With parity restored, Neville hit the Red Arrow on Rowan to win the titles.

Neville became the first multiple-time champion in NXT history and remains the most decorated NXT superstar ever with one NXT Championship and two Tag Team Championship reigns. Graves was not so lucky and was forced to retire in late 2014 after suffering numerous concussions, though he is now Raw’s colour commentator and doing a very fine job of it.

TV Defenses: N/A

ascension champs

4. The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) (October 2 2013 – September 11 2014)

Adrian Neville & Corey Graves were never fully on the same page and they were put to the sword by The Ascension. Graves was finished off with the Fall of Man and so began the longest NXT Tag Team Championship reign in history. While the already frail bond between Neville & Graves disintegrated soon after, Konnor & Viktor went from strength to strength, beating all comers and many, many jobbers.

While they just fell short of holding the titles for a year, The Ascension made their Raw debut in December 2014, defeating The Miz & Damien Mizdow. Things went downhill badly after that though. They were emasculated and beaten up by a group of retired 50-year-olds and haven’t recovered since. Welcome to the wasteland indeed. They did recently score free tickets to an Eddie Money concert courtesy of the Fashion Police so maybe things are starting to look up.

TV Defenses: v. Adrian Neville & Corey Graves (October 16 2013), v. Hunico & Camacho (December 11 2013), v. Hunico & Camacho in a tornado tag (January 8 2014), v. Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay) (Arrival, February 27 2014), v. El Local & Kalisto (Takeover, May 29 2014), v. Sami Zayn & Tyson Kidd (June 19 2014).

tag champs

5. The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) (September 11 2014 – January 28 2015)

After falling short in his bid to become tag team champion at Takeover, Kalisto found himself a new tag team partner. He ditched El Local (AKA Ricardo Rodriguez squeezed into a lucha suit) and teamed up with Sin Cara (AKA Hunico). The partnership proved much more fruitful as they won a #1 Contenders tournament and toppled The Ascension at Takeover: Fatal-4-Way when Kalisto pinned Viktor with a Salida Del Sol to win the titles. Who had Sin Cara down as the first main roster wrestler to win an NXT title?

Despite losing the titles, the Dragons stayed together and teamed up the night after Wrestlemania 31, which marked Kalisto’s main roster debut. When Sin Cara was ruled out of action in early 2016, Kalisto became a two-time United States Champion. But, before the 2016 Draft, Kalisto & Sin Cara decided to go their separate ways and were subsequently drafted to different brands to make good lucha things.

TV Defenses: v. The Ascension (September 25 2014), v. The Vaudevillains (Takeover R-Evolution, December 11 2014), v. The Vaudevillains (January 8 2015).

blake & murphy champs

6. Blake & Murphy (January 28 2015 – August 22 2015)

What do you get when you team up a real life cowboy with a stocky Aussie? Blake & Murphy, of course. The duo of Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NXT history when they defeated the Lucha Dragons to win the Tag Team Championships, the first time since 2013 that a title changed hands on a standard episode of NXT. Despite having only a handful of wins to their name, the dubstep-loving pals were granted a title opportunity and they grasped it as Blake sneaked a tag and pinned the unsuspecting Kalisto for the shock win.

Along the way, Blake & Murphy added Alexa Bliss to their squad. The previously angelic Bliss transformed into a manipulative minx and regularly ran interference for her boys, helping to keep their reign intact.

Blake & Murphy have floundered since losing the titles, going through months of a will-they-won’t-they split, before eventually deciding they will. It’s done Alexa no harm, though. She’s a three-time WWE Women’s Champion.

TV Defenses: v. Lucha Dragons (Takeover Rival, February 11 2015), v. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Takeover Unstoppable, May 20 2015), v. The Vaudevillains (July 29 2015).

vaudevillain champs

7. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) (August 22 2015 – November 11 2015)

The hilarious, talented and mustachioed Vaudevillains earned a Tag Team Championship match against Blake & Murphy. They looked all set to win until Alexa Bliss made her presence known, costing them the titles. William Regal awarded the Villains a rematch at Takeover Brooklyn. 15,000 people cheered on the Villains as they finally ended the seven-month reign of Blake & Murphy, thanks to a little help from Blue Pants. With Alexa neutralised, Gotch & English combined to hit the Whirling Dervish on Murphy and become the new champions.

The Vaudevillains were handed a main roster call up after Wrestlemania 32, marking the occasion with a win over the Lucha Dragons. In the wake of the brand split, they were drafted to Smackdown, but they rarely appeared after that and Simon Gotch was released in April 2017. At least Sin Cara won’t be able to chuck cans of pop at his head anymore.

TV Defenses: v. Blake & Murphy (September 23 2015).

dash & dawson champs

8. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) (November 11 2015 – April 1 2016)

Creeping up from under the radar, Dash & Dawson upset the odds in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic by defeating the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions, The Vaudevillains, in the quarter-finals. They were eliminated themselves in the semis but had earned themselves a title match. They took turns to pick apart Aiden English’s knee and sealed victory when English was forced to tap out to Dawson’s inverted figure-four.

TV Defenses: v. The Vaudevillains (November 25 2015), v. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Takeover London, December 16 2015), v. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (WWE Roadblock, March 12 2016).

american alpha champs

9. American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) (April 1 2016 – June 8 2016)

Jason Jordan has been in NXT for a long time and it was beginning to look like he wouldn’t make the cut. That all changed when he met an enthusiastic if weird guy who carried around an embroidered towel and kept saying he was Ready, Willing and Gable. After a few matches together, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable realised they shared an undeniable chemistry. They announced themselves with a great showing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and followed it up by beating a host of former champions. They finally defeated The Vaudevillains to become the #1 contenders.

At Takeover Dallas, their rise was completed as they overcome The Revival. Alpha landed Grand Amplitude to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions and spark an emotional celebration.

Their title reign was short-lived but they were drafted to Smackdown as the blue brand’s #9 pick in the 2016 Draft. Alpha’s rapid rise to the top continued as they defeated The Wyatt Family to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. The team split when it was later revealed that Jason Jordan was actually Kurt Angle’s son, how ’bout that?

TV Defenses: N/A

revival two time champs

10. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) (June 8 2016 – November 19 2016)

In a stunning match at Takeover: The End, The Revival surprised American Alpha and became the first team to hold the NXT Tag Team Championship twice. In a frantic finale, Dash & Dawson managed to hit Jason Jordan with the Shatter Machine and grab the win.

The Revival lived up to their name as they lead the way in finally establishing the NXT tag team division, regularly putting on MOTY contenders and proving that they really are The Absolute Best Tag Team On This Planet, Jack. They received their well-earned call-up on the Raw after Wrestlemania 33, answering the New Day’s open challenge by beating them and crippling Kofi Kingston. Top guys doing top guy things.

TV Defenses: v. American Alpha in a two out of three falls match (July 6 2016), v. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa (Takeover Brooklyn II, August 20 2016).


11. #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) (November 19 2016 – January 28 2017)

#DIY came so close to becoming champions at Takeover Brooklyn. But, despite losing they left with the love of the crowd. They had more than enough reason to give it another go and after The Revival cost them in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, it was personal. At Takeover Toronto, #DIY and The Revival put on a stormer in a two-out-of-three falls match. With the score level at 1-1, Gargano trapped Wilder in the Gargano Escape and Ciampa locked Dawson in a bridging armbar. The Revival desperately tried to hang on but eventually tapped out at the same time to hand #DIY the titles.

#DIY came to a heartbreaking end at Takeover Chicago. Despite Johnny heroically taking a ladder in the face to save his friend, Tommaso repaid him by turning on him after their match with Authors of Pain, putting poor Johnny through a table.

TV Defenses: v. Tajiri & Akira Tozawa (December 28 2016), v. TM-61 (January 4 2017), v. The Revival (January 11 2017).

aop new titles

12. The Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) (January 28 2017 – )

Led by the Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, The Authors of Pain bulldozed their way to victory in the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Unbeaten since their debut, AOP were rewarded with a title shot. At Takeover San Antonio, Akam & Rezar wrote the Last Chapter of #DIY’s fairytale and became the new champions.

After defeating #DIY and The Revival in an absolutely barnstorming triple threat elimination match at Takeover Orlando, AOP were given shiny new Championship belts.

The Authors of Pain are the incumbent champions.

TV Defenses: v. #DIY via DQ (March 1 2017), v. #DIY & The Revival (Takeover Orlando, April 1 2017), v. #DIY in a ladder match (Takeover Chicago, May 20 2017), v. Heavy Machinery (July 12 2017).


Up to date as of July 27 2017.


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